Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interaction Database

 The iPPI-DB initiative is about promoting a growing number of manually annotated data on iPPI compounds and providing at a given time a faithful representation of what can be achieved in terms of PPI modulation with small non-peptide compounds.

Why and how to contribute ?

By providing this web application, we also aspire to encourage the PPI community to contribute to the growth of the database by submitting published binding data. Just copy and paste the PubMed ID (for scientific articles) or the WIPO ID (for patents) of one related publications in the field below and submit it. You also can propose funtionnalities you would like to find to query or analyse iPPI-DB.

What are the iPPI-DB standards ?

Here is some guidance to submit binding data that comply with iPPI-DB standards :

  • The PPI target must have a known functional mechanism
  • No peptide will be considered
  • Only dose response-based measures of activity are considered (e.g IC50, EC50, Kd, Ki)
  • Only activities below 30 μM will qualify the corresponding compounds


Contribute to iPPI-DB

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